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Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence at Moravian University supports students and high impact educational practices, bringing together academic content tutoring, peer-assisted learning, writing support, pre-college and first-year student general education programming, workshops for students and faculty in foundational literacy skill development, and much more. The Center for Academic Excellence does not have a location to call home on campus just yet; in the meantime, existing academic support services listed below function similarly to how they have over the last few years and are spread across campus. The Academic Excellence Team looks forward to developing an inclusive interdisciplinary space for learners across Moravian University to collaborate, grow, and succeed together.

Services Offered to the Moravian Community in Fall 2022

  • Skills and Strategy Sessions are available for all undergraduate and graduate students in topics such as time management, learning from readings and lectures, preparing and studying for tests and quizzes, and graduate writing support.
  • Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and Course Mentor Sessions are available for select courses, and students enrolled in those courses may use those scheduled sessions as frequently as needed.
  • The Quantitative Resource Center (QRC), located in Reeves 212, is staffed by peer educators qualified to cover drop-in support for Calculus I, II, Stats, and select Economics course content.
  • The Language Resource Center (LRC) holds remote, scheduled, one-on-one sessions for students in Spanish, French and German.
  • The Writing Center welcomes all members of the Moravian University community. Writing Center Consultants work with writers on writing, broadly defined, in any genre produced for any course or Moravian-oriented project at any stage of the writing process. The Writing Center is located on the second floor of Zinzendorf Hall; however, because that is not an accessible space, students can request to meet with their Writing Consultant in Reeves Library when scheduling an appointment.
  • Writing Fellows are undergraduate, course-embedded writing consultants who play a part in supporting the writing development and academic success of their peers at Moravian. Writing Fellows work with all First-Year Writing courses and many writing-intensive and writing-enriched courses across academic disciplines.
  • The Writing at Moravian Program, in addition to the Writing Center and Writing Fellows program, oversees first-year writing, writing in the disciplines, and faculty development in the teaching of writing, critical reading, and information/digital literacy.